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10:19 AM

One day closer to the road trip

  • Mood: In need of a nap
  • Music: Rave On -- J. C. Mellencamp

I dunno, it just is. Got all the old photos up at The Lair. Next is to compare the archives with the leftovers in the galleries. I think what I'll do is break those down by medium and do last ten or fifteen or so. Say approx: pencil, colored pencil, digital and mixed. At the moment I have an optimism thing going. What can I say? I just watched Laugh-In. Anyway, sometime I need to organize all the newer photos, trade them out. And you know...maybe draw or something. Maybe try to get unaddicted to Insaniquarium in the process. But I only have one more bonus pet to goooh! (And I'm in no hurry.) 


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