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7:04 AM

We go through more paper before dinner...

  • Mood: Still optimistic but it's early
  • Music: Life in the Fast Lane -- Joe Walsh

You just had to be there.  Just like you had to be there to get around this dream I had this morning. Last thing I remember is: "Many fall to the sword of another's dreams." Essentially...it was about art, most specifically mine--and I was on the business end of the sword here. Otherwise all I remember is non-relevant stuff (like the drunken lout who looked suspiciously like Mark B. {different from the usual Mark I tend to speak of} in his light blue bathrobe, the military school cadets forced to run through the town in white skirts with patterns on them--I remember butterflies, violets and peas. Then there was the toddler in the bleachers speaking tongues--or so I thought. Well, maybe her mom was speaking tongues too. She was bilingual at least.) See? Totally non-relevant stock dream stuff.  The only purpose it serves now is to  bring some funky traffic in here. (Speaking of which...anybody looking for something legitimate and stumbling here--sowwies!)

I lost most of yesterday morning in an attempt to identify the spider I found between my feet when I let the dog out.  I didn't identify it through here but it's a pretty good site nonetheless. Dysdera crocata was it's name-o--or Woodlouse Hunter. I tell you what...after piling through bajillions of spider pages I'm now deathly afraid of a truly poisonous spider sighting. (You know, considering I'm usually right on top of a spider--or vice-versa--before I notice it.) And by the way, that last link...the spiders on the page wiggle. *shudder* It's really not the best source but it might get you fledgeling spider afficianados started.

Let me put this on the table: I think spiders are really pretty--downright beautiful sometimes--but I don't want them anywhere near me without a previously scheduled appointment.

And in other news: There is no other news. Unless I guess you haven't heard the story about the crazy lady in Costco but that's already losing its appeal. Oh! But! Nice supportive emails make me happy.  Thanks guys. =D

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