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9:08 AM

The little monster did it again...

  • Mood: Apprehensive
  • Music: Like a Prayer -- Madonna
We took Bear out to see Stitch like I said. They didn't really play much but Bear did figure out how to get into the  cabinets. In all fairness Bear was already tired from playing in the morning and trying to escape on the way  over. Anyway, Stitch didn't bite me or H or the girl that brought him in (I forget her name) and I got weasel  kisses but when Katherine came to get him and we talked for a little bit he just bit her out of nowhere! Not  viciously like before but still. Mrrrghhhh!  I would really love to know what happened before we got him that  gave him nightmares and this fixation on tearing off limbs. We really haven't raised him different than the other  two and they're so mild it's not even funny.  Well at least I named him well...not like Rain who will balk at the  door if the air's even just a little misty. Anyway, I know the guy that took care of the ferrets at the store would  play really rough with them. I kinda wonder if Stitch isn't mentally deficient. He looks markedly different than the  others.

Anyway...that just put a shadow over the rest of the day. Otherwise I wrote a little, worked a little on the  pictures and sulked. I even forgot to hop OL and check for Jacks again. Which is funny because I watched  Jack instead of doing everything else I was going to do. *snicker* 

Heard from Mark a couple nights ago...which was good. I was starting to wonder. Now all I need to do is hear  from Sy-guy and Hannah and everybody's good.  Today Jendax gets to visit with Stitch and I'm not even going  to speculate as to what I'll do. I just want to make it through the day to KH. Hopefully Stitch won't have maimed  anyone else. They said K is the only one he's managed to bite since he's been there. Now, he did try to bite the  doctor when he was getting his knees checked but that's it. 
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