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10:54 AM

One day closer

  • Mood: Having attention span issues
  • Music: Darling Nikki -- Foo Fighters
Found out yesterday that Stitch can get his jaws halfway around my arm. Believe it or not this means he was in  a better mood. We got there early enough to play with him awhile in one of the exam rooms...of course, he had  more fun sticking his nose underneath the door trying to figure out what everybody was doing in the back  room. Apparently the sound of tape ripping from boxes is a very exciting phenomenon.

Today we'll be taking Baron out to play with him for awhile...which is weird since Stitch is in quarantine and all. I  don't get it but I'm not gonna question much either. Hopefully it'll put Bear in a better mood. He's been a terror  all morning. Squirrel-y-er than usual. Poor old Jendax had to kick his tail a few times...and then it was time for a  power nap. Wish I could have a power nap.

After the vet's yesterday we went out to a lake with the neighbors for a little picnic kinda thing and let the dogs  run around. Two of 'em anyway...we left Mia at home. Next time she gets to go. That ate the entire afternoon  including some very theraputic swingset time. Then three of the four of us sat around here in front of the  camp stove and bs'd for a couple of hours. Sadly I did most of the yammering and it really wasn't about anything  at all. Oh, and let's not forget that terrifying 30 seconds when H scared the drug dealer and his  patron off with the big spotlight. I'm so ready to move.  The bulk of the drama is over for the moment and I can  live w/that. I got my buddy back. Don't get me wrong, there's still drama but I'd be typing forever just on the  backstory.  Let's just say I now understand a weird look I got yesterday morning. *waggles eyebrows*

As well, I started the between-requests project AND another picture of Rowan...neither of them is very  good but they're on paper and WHEE! It's about time. Oh! and our Cowboy Bebop series DVD came  yesterday so I think that's what we plan to do this afternoon. That should give me some drawing time. Of  course, post-vet time is still several hours away so there's no telling what will actually happen today.

I'm in a sort of in-between phase where the coffee's not yet entirely consumed and yet I'm primed for some  kind of project. Any project. This will fade. I'll settle on something and then realize that for whatever reason  I just can't do it at the moment. I'm afraid to look at yesterday's drawings. *L* They're probably worse than I  remember.
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