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10:02 AM

More saga than you can shake a stick @

  • Mood: Tense
  • Music: Bloodbath in Paradise -- Ozzy Osbourne
Well, maybe more drama than anything else. The lady who lived across the street for something like 50 years  was moved out yesterday and into assisted living. Several of the neighbors were sad, and maybe I was too but  I think it was mostly relief. She's a darling lady, as nice as nice could be but senility was setting in and it just  wasn't good for anybody. 

Did a lot of visiting up and down the street and we got to hang out with Lauren awhile which was really cool. It  was a roller coaster of a day though...we went to see Stitch in evil ferret prison. He was so upset.
And of course no one can tell us anything. It seems as though the injury isn't serious. And we met got-bitten girl. I couldn't really tell if she was customer-service sweet or just a very mild person in general. I suppose it  doesn't matter really...we've an evil ferret and the vet said it was his bad--though that was the day of.
She said she was ok too, just a little swollen on the bite site. 

Somehow I doubt Stitch is going to be the same baby when he comes home.  IF...he comes home. *crosses  talons* When...  We haven't even had him a year yet.  Vet's office is closed today, so no visit.  I wonder who's  taking care of him or if someone will just come in on food and water patrol.

Believe it or not it's actually too early to depress myself. I've too much to do...I swear if I find one more ferret  toy out of place I'm gonna completely lose it.
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