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10:45 AM

Purgatory of a different color

  • Mood: Striped
  • Music: Tourniquet -- Evanescence
I really don't feel like this today ...but of course I'll end up going on for awhile. That's the way I function. Did NOT sleep well. Fortunately I had no problems with nightmares about chimpanzees ripping Stitch's head off--I did fret about that for awhile. Apparently Hawk didn't sleep well either. The house looks...cleaner this morning. Can't stand the taste of coffee either. Ferrets bond...they get stressed when their routine changes. Stitch is already a stress case. 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 6 p.m. and 1 a.m. he usually wakes up and rattles against the door to the cage waiting for one of us to come bother him. Then he goes back to sleep. Somewhere in there he has nightmares. They'll have isolated him and he's not used to being alone. He gets upset when I put him in the play area first or take him out last. Baron and Jendax are looking for him and that stresses me out...let's not forget the fact that this whole thing started when he got hurt. (And also that his doctor was the one who told us the rabies shot isn't neccessary because A. most states don't recognize it, B. it has a chance of making them sick, and C. in our case it was pretty clear he wasn't going to be exposed.) Of course, I understand the place of the vet assistant. Nobody likes to be bitten and Stitch can be a mean little when he's excited or startled. I thought H said the vet realized he was coming up behind Stitch and that wasn't right but I'm not entirely certain anymore. It could be ten days before we find out what they're going to do with him. They wanted to keep him overnight to determine the seriousness of his injury. Now it's a matter of waiting on another exam to decide whether or not he'll have to be tested. Or something...in all honesty I kinda shut down once I figured out where the conversation was going. Anyway, the process could take ten days and will if we don't hear anything today. And talk about timing...that's the phone. They are quarantining him she said but he should be able to come home on the 15th. She didn't know anything about the injury tho...only that the assistant was "doing fine" whatever that means. I'll take it! I don't like the 9 days but it's better than the alternatives. Granted, the 9th day could bring bad news but I'm going to ignore that. You know, this is the first time since we got the line that I've been glad the phone could ring while I'm screwing around OL. Think I'm gonna go break down and then move on to something else for awhile.
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