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7:35 AM

Bitchfest March

  • Mood: Take a wild guess
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Website disabled again...or that's what my mail tells me. And since I didn't squeak by to a point where I'd be able to go premium when it comes back up in April I'm really going to have to do that gut I thought I was going to have to do a couple of months ago when TC was having hardware problems--provided I can find the time. At the moment I'm freakishly busy. This journal entry will be my one indulgence for the day.

4 out of 5 of my animals are sick. The ferrets got the flu somehow. (It's a complete mystery to me.) We're not sure what's wrong with the cat but if she doesn't respond to the medicine it's a lethal thing. The vet just didn't want to get invasive immediately. I'm thinking go on, get invasive. The little monstrosity made a NEST out of some rather important papers of mine. She made a 30-page cushion and a bowl of them (talent!) on top of a base of the other 720. Hawk says it's wrong to want to throttle her. I say he's high. And not because she managed to figure out how to unlock a door to get to said papers.   I'm not a cat person anymore. Anyway, the dog's fine but she's so old it hardly counts anymore. Good ol' Rainy is nearly ten.

Househunting: Mary F. who works near the Missouri-Kansas border in the area we're looking is a worse shark than your average lawyer. In fact, our lawyer is a big fluffy kitten compared to this lady...who has gone to underhanded means to preserve the salability what I now cheerfully refer to as "The Death House." The top three: Mold enough to kick my allergy up after 5 minutes, water damage EVERYWHERE and (this is the kicker) live, bare wire in a wooden box. Luckily the place is damp or it'd go up like a Christmas tree. Anyway, the way she did what she did is we wouldn't even be able to deal with it having a remodeling allowance. Me, I just liked the big bedrooms and the wet bar in the basement. Funny, 'cause I don't drink but I thought it was a kick. Yeah, yeah, she's just doing her job. (*coughBULLSHITcough*)

The other house has its own problems including a scary wall in the basement but we're running out of options.

Anyway, in the middle of all this (not on top of, but the middle...my life is a crap cookie right now) I find out Uncle Joe is dying. Joe was my cowboy truck driver of an uncle, looks a bit like a thin Anthony Hopkins.The other two boys took after Gramma. He was the only one that really looked like Granddad (well the twins--girls--did too but I'm on a different tangent. There's an interfamily adoption involved here. Just nod and smile.)  He loves ice cream almost as much as he loves kids. One of my earliest memories of him was getting to meet his foster-daughter Holly--and I liked HER so much I named my favorite teddy bear after her.  (It's weird the things that come back to you sometimes.) Anyway, what I'm getting at is Joe was a good guy and there are tons of great memories attached but this is getting really long so I'll try to wrap it soon.

When I was little-little (probably around teddy bear time) and Joe was battling cancer pretty ferociously. I remember how happy everybody was when it finally went into remission. I guess that was the battle and not the war because it's taking him now.

Funny...I meant to go on about the uncle that gave me the news...but now I don't want to.

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