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11:27 AM


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So...I've been cheating on this journal with a couple of others. I don't know why.

There's been a ton of stuff going on, most of it a far cry from good.

I just need something to do while rewatching Rose Red. Topcities is giving me a ton of problems. For about the last week and a half it's been hiccuping--or at any rate that's when it started. It wasn't letting me upload or when it did my filenames were there and had earmarked space but were utterly devoid of content/information. I am not alone in this apparently and being one of the free account masses I get no customer support. The powers that be just don't give a flying rat's ass. 

At first I thought the problem was bandwidth but no, that can't be it. Not this solidly without any sort of warning whatsoever. They like to send out their little bitchy emails about how it's wrong to be popular. Anyway, before attention spans wear out bottomline: I can't do shit with my site and that includes posting that I can't do shit. Why? Because whatever page I try to post it on will go poof. That's why.

Hopefully it'll straighten out but in the meantime I'm looking for a new place to move. This sucks because I like the way Topcities is put together and I've been there four years now but I'm sure as anything not going to put any $ into a premium account if they can't even offer their free account members some sort of announcement as to what's going on. See, Topcities started as a completely free service. I'd been there quite some time before they cut their deal with the other company to offer account upgrades. Now that they have the freesiter's have been booted off into Purgatory or worse.

The free web page enterprise is dying. I understand I suppose (to an extent.) Retagging everything is going to be fun. I had to slap my web on everything I put up. It was necessary though, no matter how much work it's going to be to move.

The quandry is, I want to wait to see if things straighten out but I have this driving need to get the new content going and finish the updates and weeding out that I began 2 weeks ago.

I guess this might be a good time to teach myself image mapping.

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